Friday, December 13, 2013

Watch: Karim Mohsen Ft.Osta Dirt Bags And Skimpy Models In "Helw Awi El Gaw Dah"

Singers like to sell a fantasy, the easy one to generate is bring up a bunch of sexy ladies who want to show off their style, clothes and buds. For a guy I love, I feel he wants to earn ladies from the Arab world with the song, but when it comes to the music video he wants to make friends with the guys by posing as a guy who owns a candy shop.

I like the funk in this song, but those ladies agreed to be used for this production, none of the guys in the music videos is good-looking. They are all fully clothed, but the ladies are showing off, this is unfair. The rap feels forced, but the Lebanese rap lines talk about kissing, tattoos, bikinis and such by sissies. I know some may see this music video as a great fun production, I may have thought so years ago, but things change....

I have no idea what the message, plus it's not even beach time yet the set feels like a beach and a summer day--today is one of the coldest days in most Middle Eastern countries. This clip made those young women look cheap--no surprise some guy directed it.

Sure he flirted with the Syrian, Lebanese, Tunisians and Moroccan ladies--seriously they tend to ignore many other Arabs including the Palestinians by giving them a shout out, but he is an Arab artist, there's not reason for him to blindly imitated sexed up music videos from the 90s that has no place in Arabian prime-time.

Karim deserves a better music video, I think going this route won't help him be taken seriously by his peers. I know teenagers and horny overgrown men would cheer this music video--but then they would be ashamed to admit so in public. Again, good song, sub-par music video.

Karim Mohsen Ft.Osta - Helw Awi El Gaw Dah / كريم محسن و اسطه - حلو اوي الجو ده


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