Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Listen To The First Two Songs Of 2014 Amr Diab vs. Kadim Al Sahir

The two biggest male singers, the kings of their domains, Egyptian hit-maker Amr Diab and Iraqi versatile musician Kadem Al Saher just released a song each. Hours before the 2013 ends and 2014 kicks in--both artists have big concert planned for the new year...one in Dubai and the other in Romania.

Each of the singles are pretty awesome, they are both darker, offering wisdom and commentary on life and the things that comes and go. The timing is ideal, ushering a new year at the time when the media is keeping score.  Seasoned Hit-makers have to work harder to keep up their legacy, they will always be compered to their earlier work. Happy to report that both have done well, and done their homework.

Amr Diab out done himself here, he is the better version of himself here, and so is Kadim who seems all matrue and jaded a bit.

Amr Diab - Dawam El Haal عمرو دياب - دوام الحال

جديد كاظم الساهر قلبي قوي اول اغنية لكاظم الساهر لعام 2014


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