Sunday, December 15, 2013

Has Syrian Samo Zen Has Overstayed His Welcome?

There was a time when I have liked Samo Zaen, when he was hungry and when he had to work twice as hard to impress people. Not this time, he does not even seem to care much for his look, not to say his voice which has not found a decent songs in a long time. He is due to release a new album next week, the cool thing the album will come in two releases.

One for Egypt with nine tracks, and one in the Gulf with 11 tracks including one local song and track with Haifa Wehbe doing the mew thing. A clever marketing since most albums get shared online from Egypt- the Gulf edition would be exclusive to that region.

Samo Zaen seems to think he is bigger than he really is, he too thinks he has mad skills. His average or rather non-existent musical skills. And we agree. Sure, he is a pretty face. But name one song of hers that is hummable. But he needn't worry. He isn't alone in her mediocrity.

Here's some tips for him

1. Work on your "resonators" (i.e. where it is you are singing from) - you can sing from your head, your chest and your stomach. NEVER sing from your nose - it will NEVER sound good. EVER. Brandon Boyd may have fooled the world - doesn't mean you can. I was taught it's best to sing with your "head voice" most to start off with and try and hit all your notes while singing from that region before moving to the chest and stomach.

2. As an exercise, work your way from your lowest note, to your highest note in one breath - so *low: aaaaaaaaaaaa- *mid: aaaaaaaaaa- *high: aaaaaaaaaah. The trick is to 1. do it in one breath and 2. make sure the transition between the different ranges is as seamless as possible. It will never be seamless, but get as close as you can by doing this as often as you can. 3. Singalong with other singers.

Samo Zaen New Music Video Teaser 2013/2014 / كليب سامو زين الجديد


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