Thursday, December 26, 2013

WATCH: Sami Yusuf - Hope Survives | Unofficial Video #Philippians

Entertainers get approached all the time about endorsing campaign and charities around the globe. One guy who seems to take humanitarian work seriously is Muslim rock star Sami Yusuf. His latest efforts is to bring attention to the plight of the people of Philippines!

Then his songs about hope plays, he wants us to be a force of good, but he knows he is an entertainer , a world-class indeed. But he has a big heart, he is not about helping one group of people and not the other, but rather about helping everyone out there who needed help. It really shows in his voice.

His voice really brings comfort to people, and now he is hoping people would help him bring comfort to the Philippines at this time.

Sami Yusuf to release charity single "Hope Survives"

The people of the Philippines need your immediate help. Feed a hungry or help a needy. Take a moment to donate, and make sure you support World Food Programme relief efforts.

Sami Yusuf - Hope Survives | Unofficial Video


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