Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Listen: اغنية ميس حمدان - الليلة |‎‏2014 Mais Hamdan - El Leila #Jordan

Here's a fresh single from Jordanian Mais Hamdan, singing the night away, a song that makes her fun and popular again. El Eleila is a song that feels like the 80s are alive and well again.

Mais has done acting, comedy, and satire. She has also hosted shows and her music has taking off and she seems to only get progressively better at whatever career she chooses to peruse. Not sure what will be her next challenge, maybe dancing with the stars!

For all it's worth here is her catchy new song....keep on mind she has other sisters who sing and act and star in movies.

اغنية ميس حمدان - الليلة |‎‏2014 Mais Hamdan - El Leila VideoHD

ميس حمدان - الليله | Mais Hamdan - El leila


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