Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ramy And Dalida Ayach "My Favorite Celebrity Couple" Open Second Restaurant

Ramy and Dalida Ayach married this year in an epic wedding, but the pop star and his fashion designer bride have shown how to be a power couple without all the drama beloved by the press and the celebrity world. The couple seem to have chemistry, they seem to have genuine love and appreciation for one another.

Mr. Aych joined his wife as she opened her new posh boutique in downtown Beirut. Dalida is often spotted showing support for her husband on his concerts. The couple had a great year, she seems to be full of grace and humility. Elaph interviewed them at the grand opening of Ramy's second restaurant--the first in Morocco.

I do not like how the interviewer asked them about wanting to have kids--dude chill. This is a celebrity couple who like to dip their toes in the business world. Ayach sang at the grand opening of his new establishment and it seems to have sold out.

Interview With ramy ayach


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