Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Epic Fail! Marwan Khoury Makes a Terrible Song مروان خوري مش عم تروحي من بالي

This is not a song a master of his craft would chose to record. This is a very simple song with a simple tune that's better left for someone who is trying to get their music career going. Not Marwan Khoury the golden romantic kid, the poser child of heart-filled songs. This is a big flop, and I feel like I would have liked this song had I been in junior high.

None of the things which we love about this Lebanese singer are at display. He feels stiff, and the song feels weak.  He performed this song on Star Academy, not a great place to reveal the golden hits. This is a disappointing choice--if not insulting. Thiis guy used to make us happy even when he is heart broken we have enjoyed his performances.

This song is all over the place, and perhaps the only time, you can tell it's Marwan is in the middle when he breaks out in the Mawal.

مروان خوري مش عم تروحي من بالي - البرايم العاشر من ستار اكاديمي

Marwan Khoury Mech 3am Betrou7i مروان خوري مش عم بتروحي


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