Saturday, December 28, 2013

Once Again, Some Jordanians Cannot Take A Joke...So They Assault Some Musicians

Update: there is a petition to fire the director of the Center, find it here

A talented and indie Jordanian singer was appearing in The King Hussein Cultural Centre in Amman, and his band was putting a show for the local people--they had a flute player, Chillo, base, lute players and few more.  All Jordanian composer and pianist Ghiya Rushidat lead the band. Tarik Al Jundi who was playing the oud (lute) wanted to break the ice with a joke by saying, "I cannot talk due to the cold, it seems the government is unable to pay the heating bill just like the citizens"...the audience laughed and enjoyed the show.

The show ended and right after the security officers started attacking the musicians verbally and then they assaulted them. The hotheaded security officers were reported to have said, "The government is on your head, you are not native to this country", "The government made a mistake by giving you this venue for free", things got hairy then, and the security officers attacked Tarik and other band members. The guards even assaulted Ghiya Rushidat.

The band headed to the local police and reported the incident. This is unfortunate as this is the first concert for Ms. Rushidat at home. I think the government owes her and the band a big apology. The incident is filmed on tape, and the video will come out--this will embarrass any Jordanian. Bullies and thugs have no place in modern Jordan, Innocent jokes should not cause a firestorm. Because, this security guard will wake up one day and find that all the local talents have moved to places like Canada. People pay dollars to see musicians perform, security guards cannot say the same thing. Ghiya and Tarik raise the Jordanian flag high around the world, no need insult and assault them.

I think, the government should not be something to fear, otherwise this is not the democracy the dazzling King sells it to the west to be. Ghiya has performed outside Jordan on many occasions, no one has assaulted her before. At home, why does she get this treatment by guys who do not even have any self-respect. Rushidat's last concert was in the Italian city of Venice.

Ghiya Rushidat - Rouhani (Pictures from Amman) - غيا ارشيدات - روحاني - صور من عمّان Ghiya Rushidat


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