Friday, December 27, 2013

Lara Scander Calls For One Giant Party In Cairo

Lara Scander speaks Arabic like a drunken sailor. But when she sings she rules the pop scene. It's a girl night out, her boyfriend is documenting the girls night out so, what you see is what a guy sees--he is also in the fitting room too.

She is talking up her new positive message, let's party Arabia....mainly Egypt and Lebanon where she works and call it home. I love how in interviews, she speaks Arabic and English and gets away with it....her mentor and musician guiding star Jan Mari Chi.

Watch the launch party, many celebrities attended the event and celebrated the occasion. Many of her father's friends also made an appearance. The parry was in downtown Beirut and no one wanted to talk politics at the event.....they are right no one wants to talk about politics, they need a break

لارا اسكندر للمصريين: تعالوا غنوا معايا


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