Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saif Shaheen's Guitar and Voice In "Madarena" Deliver A Sober Cry For #Iraq

Iraq is a music powerhouse for real original talents, the type has a crossover appeal, their music really appeals to outsiders more than any other Arab country. you got your Lebanese pop, and plastic ladies, that's all fun, but when it comes to smooth music, Iraq is where you need to search--Algeria is another place in the West side.

Said Shaheen, is your favorite professor who likes to jam and make music about the surrounding, he is all about the dreams, and imaging a better tomorrow for the little ones. God, his voice is something one misses, the type that can put you to sleep gently while you reflect on your life. This is the power of dreams from a guy who likes to sing about bigger things.

Saif is one of thousands Iraqi artists who are living in the diaspora, he resides the Canadian city of Toronto. Guitar and rock is where he is most comfortable. His music video takes on the issue of violence and random car bombs at home--no one is happy. But then, you see all these kids and you cannot help but wonder, will they ever see a safe and secure tomorrow? If the answer is not, what's their fault? 

In other news this indie spirited guitarist has gone through a makeover where his earlier fan had a hard time recognizing him as he seems to have lost a lot of weight.

Saif Shaheen Madarena سيف شاهين ما درينا


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