Monday, December 9, 2013

Mory Hatem, The #Lebanese Country Music and Cowboy "Chou endik Layli"

They call him, the number one teen star in Lebanon. But he is not just a singer, he is a director as well. Where he went for the cowboy look and style in his latest single. A fun grade song it resembles it's star....For starter Mory Hatem made a name for himself on the Voice.

He produced his own songs and music video, but he worked with some of the biggest names in Lebanon.Lyrics: Nizar Francis Music : Jean-Marie Riachi. I like the energy he brings, and sure thing he looks like a fun kid. He would be a riot on stage concerts and live interactions.

His breakout music video and song has been titled, "What do you got going on tonight?" The desert and cactus are not to be missed. The start will surely makes teens droll for this country flavored song. Not hot for some of these dance moves.

Mory Hatem - Chou endik Layli ? / موري حاتم - شو عندك الليلة ؟
إيلاف في كواليس تسجيل "شو عندك الليلة" لموري حاتم


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