Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Government-Sponsor Iraqi Music Of Mustafa Zaeer

Mustafa Zaeer did not want to do pop music and get rich very quick, then go the wedding singer route most of his country men singers do. Instead he wanted to travel back in time, bring the older scented Iraqi music and make it hip. In the process he created a great name for himself while promoting his country's culture.

He stopped in Beirut for a concert and a preview for his new CD where he screams "A Baghdad Lover", or "someone who loves Baghdad" He is smooth and his lute sounds very close to the Spanish guitar, which I happen to love.

Note how he uses his lute as a percussion, creating a beautiful melody. It feels like Dick Dale and surf music. Mustafa Zaeer is one of the lucky Iraqi musicians to find support at home--it's never enough. It seems he frequently appear in government and quasi government events and concerts.

Mustafa Zaeer - مصطفى زاير يعزف مقطوعة من البومه الجديد- عشق بغدادي

Mustafa Zaeer - مصطفى زاير يعزف "عشق بغدادي" من البومه الجديد


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