Monday, December 16, 2013

Listen: Ziad Bourji's New Smoking Single اغنية زياد برجى - احتريتك @ziadbourjiii

The Lebanese dreamboat, Ziad Burji is a heartthrob whose versatile talents kept him around for a decade. The singer and musicians inside him make him one of a dozen talented entertainer in the music industry. But he also starred in a hit sitcom that caught everyone by surprise.

Ziad returns with a new single this time, he has the Gulf on mind, this is a Gulf poem commenting on life the wasted years. Ziad slowed down things down for this track, he is still the same romantic guy who have come to know and love. The choice for a Gulf song thought it has simple lyrics that the non-Gulf listeners can connect to.

Ziad is even is already shooting the music video and he is sporting a new look--he makes each look special as he pulls them all. There's a cigar some shades, a view of the beach is in order, I love the female director they tend to make music videos focused on the song and professional as Ziad says in the interview. Ziad actually wrote the music for this song.

اغنية زياد برجى - احتريتك | النسخة الاصلية | جديد 2014

Ziad Bourji - Interview "زياد برجي في تصوير كليب "إحتريتك


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