Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This Lebanese Terrorist Sings For Jesus Christ #ChristmasSongs

Everyone's favorite bizarre terrorists is back in time for Christmas. Former singer and hit-maker Fadel Shaker cum terrorist and wanted villain has been missing ever since he was put on the Lebanese wanted list. Somehow he manged to escape their army siege on the mosque were he was hiding with other violent individuals. Rumor has it, it was the help of certain political party in Lebanon that takes orders from a Gulf country.

The big news, is Christmas and Fadel Shaker just released a Christmas hymn for the occasion, which is kind of neat for someone who is a die-hard Muslim. Muslims hold Jesus Christ in high regards no doubt. But unsure how this thug helps communicate a message about the man of Nazareth. Fadel sings that Jesus brought the right religion. He is blessed the song goes.

No one seems to know where Fadel Shaker hides right now, but he is not having a hard time recording new songs and timing them for Christmas. Note, the song is the standard conservative Muslim hymn, no instruments and only dudes get to sing.

انشودة فضل شاكر - ان المسيح مبارك | كاملة


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