Monday, December 2, 2013

Sandy Shaves Her Beard (With Razor And Everything) ساندي تحلق ذقنها

Egyptian pop star Sandy might be the one pop star who has a sex appeal in everything she does. Her fans love to see her flaunt it and often times, she does. Sure, she dresses in a very revealing manner, but some feel she is dressed right for her age.

While she has changed a bit since she started in 2009, now she is just a little bit trying to be diverse. Now, she just posted a picture of herself on her Facebook  shaving her beard as a joke. And did the press loved this story? In reality Sandy was imitating a Turkish actress who shared a picture of herself as a shaving saloon. This is M-erfee.

I do not see the big deal, shaving is not fun, it does not make you cool, but it's not a big deal of ladies want to try it for themselves.

Sandy - Eyak / ساندى - إياك

Sandy - Ebn Garetna / ساندي - إبن جارتنا

Sandy & Karl Wolf - Awel Marra Atgara'


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