Sunday, December 1, 2013

Designer Zeina Saliby New Collection #Lebanon @zogzeyna

Hip designer Zeina Slaiby had another great night in the Lebanon's Fashion Week, she is one of the popular local talents that has a global sight. She is one of the young designers, who wants to give women something new and fresh. She likes to change things up. Her latest collection had 91 pieces of white and black of ready to wear. Zeina even worked with leather this time around, and she stuck to two basic colors this time.

Her simple mantra lands well, "modern but not trashy, fantastical but always rational". Zeina gives women luxury without necessary being formal. She is all about the delicate look, and the details. She is really going after Arab ladies as she tries to cater to them. She had one hell of a wedding dress made out of fur. She offers a variety of styles, the chic, the formal, the casual and cocktail dresses.

The story of Zeina is your every fashion designer tale, she became interested in fashion at a very young age, and began making her own creations while she was still a teenager. But she did not stop there, she studied in Law at La Sagesse School of Law and her Masters in Diplomacy and Strategic Negotiations. So aside from fashion, she is a brilliant scholar who is seems a wonderful spokesperson as well.

I appreciate her keen knowledge of the society enabled her to develop a broad network of personal and business contacts who called upon her intricate designing capacity to pursue her vision of becoming a fashion designer. She is smart enough to make fashions that sells in the local market, she caters to tastes but adds her own twist and touches. She is not just interested in making weird fashion trends, she makes wonderful designers that the Arab female on mind.
زينة صليبي تطلق مجموعتها الجديدة في أسبوع الموضة بلبنان


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