Monday, December 30, 2013

Your Favorite Drunk Syrian Singer Is BACK! George Wassouf's New Single

God bless his heart, this colorful Syrian iconic singer is making a go for a comeback in 2014. After spending most of 2013 in a number of hospitals and rehab facilities, he is now feeling better and recovering from the stroke. He has not changed much, and his health seems to be back to normal, as the signature voice is still kicking.

The new single sounds exactly like you would expect him to sound, talking about life and aging as he searches either for his past love or the love that has never materialized. Nothing changes this legend whose fans come from all walks of life--they all love him, but they too know he is a joker and enjoy his persona and stature more than his music. Even those few who hate his voice, they still love the legend behind the man.

جورج وسوف - شوق العمر 2014 HQ

برمو بشوق القمر جورج وسوف 2014


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