Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Listen: لطيفة : حبيب دانى -Latifa New Tunisian Single: Habib dany

Tunisian singing icon Latifa took years, but she just released a Tunisian songs. Such songs have become a novelty in the past years, and Latifa is one of the few Tunisian names who knows best how to deliver them. I love this song, to be straightforward it, it reminds me of those eighties songs from Tunis.

For the past two years it seems that Latifa has abandoned her home country, but she makes nice with the Jasmine revolution folks and beings us one of their signature songs where the melody is very Tunisian, and the lyrics are their very own.

It's one of her better songs, at least it's not made for money with a heartless zombie like performance -like most Gulf dialect songs come across. I love the scent of this song, it makes me imagine myself strolling down the streets of that rich country with loving and sophisticated population.

لطيفة : حبيب دانى -Latifa: Habib dany


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