Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bosy And Her Gang Pop اغنية بوسي - دلعني 2013 | من فيلم عش البلبل

She starts in big movies about nothing original, she makes noise and its passes for music, she flaunts whatever she has to in order for her to get ahead. She has a really voice, bu I think it goes to waste with the kind of songs she chooses to sing.

She sings about hugs, and bedroom chatter and he guys like what she has to say. This is why she is a big ticket in Egypt, and a hot act to book for wedding and parties. This is bosy, as far as talent and quality voice, she has it, and as for dancing, she has some moves as well.

كليب بوسى دلعنى من فيلم عش البلبل

عز الشباب - أغنية دلعني للمطربة بوسي


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