Friday, December 6, 2013

Download: The Sexy Sweet Mohamed Nour New Album

He is a member of a boy band and just starting to act, but also has a solo music career, and to be frank he is the sweetest man voice you will hear. And hell yes he is good looking and athletic as well. He sings his heart out and never do you feel sorry for him. He just just all-around a sweet guy.

He might be the best thing about male pop and romance in Egypt, he is out with a new album, but it will be weeks till we hear it, the promo is out and we  have 11 songs. This is a winner album, the guy sounds really good and he has taken his time making this album--do not lose your cool though.

Mohammed Nour, is on fire and I really and sincerely hope people buy the album form the stores. The album is about how sweet and bright the days are. Male pop stars cannot really do this kind of romance without coming across as moping, Nour does a good job here. He also has offers dance tracks. He is a romantic boy who won't quit nor will he hate.

He does it by singing straight tot he loved one, instead of telling other people about how much he has worked to make a relationship work. This is the artists' second solo album, and I think I find no shame in enjoying his songs.

01 - Ana Neseetak
02 - Awel Mara
03 - Helwa El Ayam
04 - Helwa El Ayam Remix
05 - Howa Elli Hayeksab
06 - Kalam Aadi
07 - Kelmety Wahda
08 - Mesh Hasaalak
09 - Omt Bel Wageb
10 - Rooh Bel Salama
11 - Teaady Seneen

سيمبلات البوم محمد نور - حلوه الايام 2013 | كامله


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