Monday, January 14, 2013

Myriam Faris And The Algerian Flag Edition

The Lebanese bombshell Myriam Faris likes to hold flags and take pictures by them, this is her effort to get gigs and expand her reach inside Arab countries, she has done it before with the Saudi flag, now she is taking her flag business into Algeria as she wishes that country well on their celebration of the brave Algerian revolution.

One, this is nice of her to think of Algeria at this time. Second, she knows Algeria holds huge music festivals in many cities around that country. If you do not believe me, let's see Myraim holding the Palestinian, Somali Sudanese flag. That ain't gonna happen because those places do not have concerts of music festivals big enough to have a budget that afford the songstress.

Again, all my love to Algeria on this very special occasion that all Arabs are proud of. As for the bombastic entertainer, keep up the good work.

funny cartoon about Myriam Faris


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