Sunday, January 13, 2013

Listen: اغنية يارا - ياليل | Yara - Ya Leil Assala - Talabtak / اصاله - طلبتك

The listener in the Gulf have to be among the most pampered listeners out there, they get catered to by just everyone in the singing business. They are so generous with those who chose to sing the local songs. Two ladies who are no strangers to the Gulf song, just released two singles in the local Khaliji dialect.

As for the Yara song, it lacks the heart and energy  but I know this is how some like it, a sober song with a strong vocal showing, no drama and no shouting. Yara has been working extra time lately with her Christmas album, her TV appearances, dozens of concerts and weddings she has hit the big leagues and she is not turning back.

Assala, you cannot really ask for more, she is a screamer and it shows anytime she sings, her mighty voice is well known and in this song is well used. Assala is a big ticket, she has been doing great while keeping a watchful eye over her beloved country. She is a diva who packs so much passion and energy. She has not given up and has only gotten better with time.

Those are poetic songs, so the lyrics are often the strong suite, the music might be boring or dated, but when you have a strong voice and sweet lyrics like those we hear here, we are hale way to heaven.

I think the Gulf song will continue to dominate the scene  and by the end of 2013, all our beloved entertainers would be speaking that dialect and we will not find one good song made in other dialects. That's fine, we are all the same people.

Assala - Talabtak / اصاله - طلبتك

اغنية يارا - ياليل | Yara - Ya Leil


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