Sunday, January 13, 2013

Video: Hassan & Boussy - Yalahwy Yamma / حسن و بوسي - يالهوي ياما

Egypt's poor man has finally settled on a diva, the poor man's diva is his voice, she does not speak fancy, she looks good, she is proud of her roots and she knows how to look the part. Egypt has been raving over a new Sha'abi music diva and her name is Boosy.

Boosy is the name you want in your movie if you wanted to attract people who do not have computer,s people who work menial jobs. People who do not speak languages and only know their residential area and not much beyond it. This is club music meant for poop people who only dance at street parties.

Since the Eid and she has starred in about 3 different music videos each with a unique song showcasing her talent, and her ability to stand toe to toe with other local folk grade singers popular with cab drivers. Her duet below shows her battling another local singer speaking street language and slang.

Really shame on those men and the way they dance and speak. Those songs create a hostile environment for ladies and fuel predators in public transportation   There is no honor in what they are doing, as for Boosy she is working the cards she has been dealt

Hassan & Boussy - Yalahwy Yamma / حسن و بوسي - يالهوي ياما


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