Monday, November 3, 2014

You Never Go Wrong With "Mali Shogel Bel Soug" #Iraq

One of the most hip and original Arab band UTN1 has been working quietly on a comeback. They are working on an album that will make your soul and heart happy. This would feel like an album with everything you love about Iraqi music. This once UTN1 is recording new and original tracks in between the United States and Beirut.

We all loved the "Mali Shogel Bel Soug" Iraqi gem, try the band when they chose to cover this crucial Iraqi song that mixes home with flaming love. Since so many millions of Iraqis are the diaspora songs about love the motherland are specially sought. While not doing rock albums, while taking a break from singing for peace among the Iraqi youth, there comes a new Iraqi songs. I know this because the song I heard it makes you feel familiar, like I have heard this song before. In reality, you did not...but this is because the song is about the new familiar. You have to wait for the album to know....I like the new vibe the song has, and I appreciate the energized melody repackaging.

Check out this cover and enjoy how the young people of Iraq still value their musical heritage desire the ruthless terrorists who are wrecking havoc with a lovely country with a population of super-intellectual Arabs. This is not a song, this is an Iraqi experience.

UTN1 - Mali Shogel Bel Soug 2014 / مالي شغل بالسوق


  1. Simor Jalal is the most promising talent to shine,his mesmerizing voice touch you deeply

  2. Simor Jalal has a deep, sweet voice beside a good education.He studied music and plays few instruments.