Wednesday, November 19, 2014

People Liked This Elissa Cover On Arab Idol

She is a babe of romantic songs, and has been in exactly the same spot for close to 14 years. An impressive act. A lot has chanced since then, but not her fame and not her status on top of the food chain. This is why Arab Idol had one of its highest ratings when she graced the program to sing for them and look so good that it makes her haters want to hang themselves.

She did few songs, but one wasn't hers, it's a cover of an beloved Abdel Halim Hafiz song, "Awal Marah Tihib Ya Qalby" "First time in love" a sweet song that has outlived so many others. Elissa did the cover and included it in her album of this year.

It was a good performance and allows non fans to be curious about what other songs Elissa has done. Elissa did another beloved cover about one's country. They were good songs and Elissa did well....her own songs were just fine.

See Arab Idol judges, fans and viewers fall in for the honey trap.

Arab Idol - إليسا- أول مرّة تحب يا قلبي- الحلقات المباشرة


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