Monday, November 10, 2014

Listen: Ahmed Diab Got The Karaoke Blues!

I am crazy about his look. Ahmed Diab's picture that was released with his new single, tells me that this guy has a wonderful sense of style. This is not easy....The song however tells a darker story...the blues of someone whose past is not a source of pride. Karaoke like music is popular in today's Egypt music scene.

It's a good vehicle showing the talent Ahmed has in terms of quality voice and composing the music. I think he lucked out with a delightful song about feeling guilty for having wronged someone else. It's a complicated subject....and Ahmed sounds bittersweet as he sings his heart out, he manipulated his emotions and voice to perform his debut song. I know the kids on these Egyptian file sharing website took the song and ran with it...

اغنيه بتسأل ليه . احمد دياب

أحمد دياب - بتسأل ليه | Bets2l Leeh


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