Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Palestinian Resistance In #Gaza Taunts The Israeli Army

People in Gaza are having a field day with a video that is mocking the Israeli army. Someone in Gaza did a song in Hebrew where they are making fun of the Israeli army and all of its tough branches. Make no mistake the Israeli army is ruthless and inhumane, but they were no match to the tough and hardened resistance of Gaza. They do have far superior toys and air power, but when it comes man to man--they were really and literary running scared.

See the music video showing them dancing and doing fun stuff, while footage of them being gunned down and beat up by few kids from Gaza. The song itself is a hit made to help the Egyptian general in the election. The original song pays homage to various districts in Egypt, the new song makes fun of various branches and units in the Israel army, nave, and air force.

שיר נהדר ליחידות צהל


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