Friday, November 21, 2014

The Indie Goddess Strikes Again @FayrouzKarawya In Rehet Haneen

Fayrouz Karawya has an ambitious plan which is to release her new songs as singles within 50 days. Each of those releases will be available on iTunes for purchase. So this indie hit-maker is trying to beat the pirates with a new release strategy.

The unique thing about Karawya and her team is that they make music because they really love the process and love being together locked in a space working on a song until it's perfected. One song of hers has more talents and more names attached to it than all your mainstream big ticket artists who hate to give credit to anyone beyond themselves.

I like that when you hear Fayrouz Karawya voice you feel obligated to guess if she is smiling or smirking while she is singing. She really tackles the issue of boredom like no other Arab singer has. She sings things that are often stuck in our minds. These silly thoughts we all have and never verbalize, she and her collaborators capture them so well.

This is the first of the releases, and I am already excited, this is a song that you would want to play again and again to get all the little quirks.   

Lyrics: Momen Elmohammady
Music: Karim Hossam
Recording& mix. : Taher Saleh
Drums: Mohamed Raafat
Violin: Youssef Elsayed
Guitar& Bass guitar: Karim Hossam
Recording @ ViBe Studio
Poster: Hamdy Hassan
Logo: Sameh Ismail
Artistic producer: Fayrouz Karawya- Taher Saleh
Producer: Fayrouz Karawya
Video by : Seif Hazem

فيروز كراوية - ريحة حنين | Fayrouz Karawya - Rehet Hanee


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