Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Promos Are Here! Medhat Saleh & Amira Amer New Albums

There are two new albums set to release soon, Amira Amer has already released her album. Medhat Saleh will soon release his album. These are two Egyptian pop stars that are hoping Egypt is going back to normal again. They may be right, hence comes the albums release--at least five album promos were released this week.

Is Egyptian pop ready for what's coming? I like Amira Amer's voice material, she's got the emotions and the brain to make a good record--a culturally aware album and a gender specific album she made that. I like the variety of songs the album includes.

Then comes the most Egyptian star (from House of Opera to TV dramas) Medhat Saleh has made a name for himself and most people in Egypt adore his voice. His voice is is well-known even though he is now growing older. Still he has aged gracefully and his teaser shows off his awards, and his sense of style as well.

Amira Amer New Album Promo - Now in Stores / برومو ألبوم أميرة عامر من ميلودى ميوزك - حاليا بالأسواق

Medhat Saleh Album Teaser 02 2013 / البوم مدحت صالح 2013 قريبا من ميلودى ميوزك Melody

YouTube Amira Amer New Album Promo برومو ألبوم أميرة عامر من ميلودى ميوزك


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