Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Video: محمد عساف | توقيع ألبوم عساف 360 | Mohammed Assaf | Album Launching


If you are an Arab singer in today's world, you are not making real money from selling albums. All of them are struggling, but Assaf is not. He is currently touring males and cities to talk about his new album and perform for the masses who want to purchase a copy of his album. Mohammed Assaf took on Lebanese mall at the Virgin Mega Store to meet his fans and sign copies. That's days after he did the same thing in Dubai, and Amman. It's not easy for a young Palestinian male to do well in Lebanon and have some much love--Assaf did it and he helped many young refugees from the camps in Lebanon to see themselves in him.

Assaf is a big deal for the music industry. Even though he has been in the spotlight in less than two years, he has outdone the stars who have been singing for decades. See the fans rage as they meat the idol who was happy to be out with Platinum Records. He is a smart guy, and he seems humble enough. However, he is also a Palestinian with a mission. He talked about where he wants to be, he also had a message for his native land.

In other news, he won an award for best Arab/African/Middle Eastern/India artist. He knows he is now not just limited to his fans in Palestine. He got a lot of support from his fans and more. The guy has ambitions, and big plans. I just hope it does not get into his head. He does credit God and his parents for a lot of his success.  

محمد عساف | توقيع ألبوم عساف 360 | Mohammed Assaf | Album Launching


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