Wednesday, November 19, 2014

@HotArabicMusic Presents @ReemaMajor, The Suave Sudanese Rapper And Arabic Princess

While watching the Bling Ring movie, and for some reason watching tell the credits, Arabic Princess caught my eyes and I was like "Say What?" Then I got to learn about the song, by Reema Major who is a Sudanese-born Canadian rapper and a song writer. In 2013 her song "Gucci Bag" was featured in the motion picture The Bling Ring

The daughter of the city of Khartoum, Sudan, to parents of South Sudanese and Emirati origin. In Canada, where she was introduced to hip hop at the age of five. As you can hear, she has her own style that allows her to deliver some fresh mix tapes. If you understand Arabic, you will like this song twice as much, however, if you don't you will enjoy the exotic elements.

Fluently speaking English, Arabic, Reema channeled her experiences and cultural influences towards honing her musical craft as a rapper and songwriter—something she expressed as coming naturally. You can hear her rap in Arabic in the song "Arabic Princess" She is one major talent and I love the fact she brings her background and turns it into a unique asset.

Arabic Princess


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