Friday, November 14, 2014

Go Crazy! Elissa - Hob Kol Hayaty / #hobkolhayati فيديو كليب إليسا - حب كل حياتي

It looks like Lebanese romantic singer has finally learned to break free and truly live. And it shows in her music videos as she is a new woman with a new purpose. She seems a lot more relaxed and to be candid fun to be with. She has been bust celebrating her birthday with friends.

But now Rotana released the teaser for her music video--the second from her album which released this year. It's too cold for the beach, the yachting, but Elissa is doing just that and you see her enjoying the company of the new model who shares the music video with her.

Elissa is turning back the clock and the fans are about to reward her for doing what she loves the most--making new music. In this era Elissa is a hit-maker like no other. she is a safe name and Rotana has invested so much in her and she always gives them consistent hits.

Elissa - Hob Kol Hayaty VC Teaser / إعلان فيديو كليب إليسا - حب كل حياتي


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