Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Shady Egyptian Government Banned This Brilliant Egyptian Musician

There was a note from the head of the State Broadcasting Agency in Egypt that they shall no longer air any of the songs of Hamza Namira. Hamza is an indie musician who was an early supporter of the youth 2011 movement. So far Hamza has not said or done much since the coup, he has not tried to tackle the army regime or anything. I have not heard any comments from Hamza Namira on this, but something tells me he and his fans.

He added that any performer who criticises the authorities should not be on the airwaves.
Namira is the second cultural figure to get into political trouble in recent days.
But that did not stop the ruthless regime from blacklisting the brilliant and socially responsible artist. While they ban him, they allow belly dancers to have their own shows. Sad state of art Egypt is going through. Not only are they persecuting Islamists and anyone with a beard, they are going after the indie artists who refuse to play along and sign a seal of approval.

The charismatic musician Amir Eid from Cairokee has already offered his support to his fellow musician.   

Hamza Namira - The Swing | حمزة نمرة - مرجيحة | Official Audio


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