Thursday, November 27, 2014

They Very Last Song of The Late Sabbouha

Lebanese actress and singer Sabah, an icon from the Arab World’s golden age of cinema, died in Beirut on Wednesday at the age of 87. The singer’s family confirmed the news in a Facebook post, reported Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper.
In 2011, when she felt ill, she decided to record and release two new singles. She chose to air them home with the Lebanese radio network. Find her last known songs below. Keep on mind Sabah did have a wide range of styles. She did the cute girl songs which require lots of erngy, the Tarab style songs that required a lot of talent.
sabah ad ma fik صباح قد ما فيك امبسط بعمرك

صباح بدي رضاك

She first came to prominence in the fifties after coming to the attention of Egyptian film producer Asia Dagher. She went on to star in several high-profile films, including 1959’s Ataba Square and the acclaimed Egyptian comedy Soft Hands (1960).
Born Jeanette Feghali in the Lebanese town of Bdadoun, the singer became known by the name of a character she played in one of her earlier films. She was also affectionately known as “Sabbouha” by her millions of fans of across the Arab World, according to the AP.
The star became the second Arab singer after Egypt’s legendary Oum Kalthoum to perform at L’Olympia in Paris, Reuters reported. She was also the first Arab singer to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York and the Piccadilly Theatre in London. The Arab icon was a citizen of four different countries, including Egypt, Jordan, the U.S. and her native Lebanon, according to the BBC