Friday, November 21, 2014

Diana Karazon Covers A Egypt Love Song By Aida el Ayoubi

Aida Ayoub had a hit song in the early nineties. A song about love for country and people form that land. It's a love story one has for people form their own countries. It was a sweet song for Egypt, its people and a cry for attention, do not abandon your country--she needs you. The song is now a classic, even though the artist who sang it first is semi retried.

Luckily Diana Karazon did a cover of this song and dedicated to the people of Egypt. This cover reminds us of the early days of Diana's career on Super Star when she was a sweet, innocent average girl with a golden Fayrouz like voice. A lot has changed since those days of 2002, but Diana found a comfortable spot and reminded us of one a great song and two of her buried talent.

I am glad this song will remind us of two great ladies. the first one Aida Ayoub and the second Diana Karazon 1.0. I like the cover. Random, did you know that Aida does actually have a German heritage? makes sense why she would love Egypt more than few would understand.

ديانا كرزون-على بالي Diana Karazon-3la Bali 2014


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