Thursday, November 6, 2014

Platinum Records Has Big Plans For Growth! (Interview) @PlatinumRecords

Platinum Records is talking a lot about their huge plans to grow--Elaph caught up with a company executive the chairman himself for the music production company that had a re-launch party in Dubai. So far they kept about 7 stars, but the plan and the vision is to grow by signing new stars--mainly from the Gulf. Most Gulf stars sign up with Rotana--based in Saudi Arabia.

Timor is talking about new talents signup. Ramy Ayach and Mohammed Assaf are their biggest tickets. Carmen is huge as well. This is a partnership. It won't be easy, but since dozens are not too happy with Rotana who is too huge to pay attention to each of its stars. The plan is to customize a contract for each artist--he also wants to help them with media outlets and put them out there.

Mohammed Rahim seems to be on board, the composer from Egypt and Fahid he composer from Kuwait--it's important to get those signed up. Alu Alkhawar, Michael Fadel is another music talent who is on board. I think Platinum needs a another big star or a dozen of them--there are so many unemployed Arab hit-makers right now. The new executive Timor claims to have worked with Michael Jackson in between London and Los Angeles. He also says he collaborated with Quincy Jones.      

تيمور مرمرشي لإيلاف: سنجعل الأغنية العربيّة عالمية وسنضمّ إلينا فنانيْن خليجييْن


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