Saturday, November 1, 2014

This New Wael Jassar's Sweet Romantic Single Will Make You Happy!

Wael Jassar comes back with a new track, a joyful one. It's a conversational type song. The lover tells his loved one to take care of themselves because if God Forbids something bad happens to them--their lover's heart will be crushed. It's a selfish song, but love is such that these things are OK. When you love, you worry...

This is the point of this honey sweet song....Wael Jassar finds here a good song to make his fans cheer him on. It's been a while since he releaed something fresh. This one counts. The song will make noise, becuase it does find a way to expresses a sweet emotion that shows commitment and dedication without being over the top.

The song plays to Jassar's strength which is his tangy voice, deep emotional complexity and hint of sweetness. It's a Lebanese dialect song, which makes it all more comfortable for Wael to be on familiar ground. This song was performed in a big splash on Arab Idol which was visited by Wael Jassar where he performed three songs.  

اغنية وائل جسار - انتبه على حالك

اغنية وائل جسار - انتبه على حالك


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