Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Best-Looking Arab Singer Has A New Music Video And You Need To See It

I call him the best-looking man in the show business and he knows his affect on people. He is Saad Ramadan, the skinny kid who rocks out. And you will begin to understand what I am talking about when you see his brand new music video which serves as an cool ad for Nautica. This is a brisk music video where the sea steals the show.

I love his music, Saad, he is a smart entertainer and he is just getting warmed up. I liked the single, and now it gets a music video and I am like dude, you are awesome. This music video is about love and little bit of glow stick dancers. He is a sharp dresser as hell, and he is having a good time with his lady.

He is a dream boat, and he owns a boat and a killer set of eyes....I loved those song because it describes when women are at loss of words when they meet some handsome guy, or they are confused by someone with those looks of Saad.

The song passes a number of filters, on speed, it's awesome rhythmic clarity is so crisp rhythmic complexity (it does ok), dynamics, modality, harmony, and brightness are all in good blalance, making the song pop.

Saad Ramadan - Yali Mdawabni [Music Video] / سعد رمضان - يللي مدوبني


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