Monday, November 10, 2014

Carole Samaha Writes And Performs The Worst Song EVER!

Carole Samaha is not done sucking up to Egypt and praising the army and the suppression of freedoms. Carole comes to America and to the West to live and enjoy the freedoms of places like New York, and places like Paris. She wants to be get paid in Egypt and the stakeholders in Egypt may not be able to create jobs or make people feel safe, butt hey can however get more songs made. Carole is one of my favorite pop divas, she is a true artist who talent stretch beyond performing a song and carrying a note. She does and did theater, she writs her songs, and she works on the X Factor. But this once, she did miss the mark.

So the song is dedicated for the new Suez Canal project--it was actually proposed by Morsi too before they placed him in jail in a military coup. But Carole is not a politician, she is an artist. but then she would have to care for people who get killed, but she does not here. She sings for the new generation....guess what Carole? the new generation is rotting in jail for speaking out.

This is a bad, flat, dull boring song that has the most silly melody. You can do better...stop supporting murderers---words have weight, with love. The people of Egypt deserve a better song, and a better regime that cares for what with the la la la lah lah at the end? this is not a children song. Your song is about building Egypt, which is funny timing as the army is destroying buildings in the Sinai right now! I forgot, Israel allowed them to do that.

Carole Samaha - Geel Gedid Lyrics Video | كارول سماحة - جيل جديد


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