Thursday, November 13, 2014

Piano, Sorrow and Regrets With Mohammed Aref

Egypt has a million kid who can sing, but about a thousand of these are making money, the rest are in for the ride. I like to help young talents and bring some attention to their music, in the hope one day they can make it. but I like to support young talents, because it's hard for them to get noticed. I do my best

One of these young talents, is Mohammad Aref, an extremely personable and talented young singer who knows about composing his lyrics and his music. He produces for himself at home, and his thousands of young admirers keep him going. He has that soft voice that travels to your heart. He seems very comfortable doing the heartache songs. He has the blues most of the time.

This is yet a new single with nothing but piano, sorrow and regrets.

مات من القهره - محمد عارف


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