Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Yemeni Pop Star Who Rocked In 1985

Her name is Joori, and she is form Yemen. Few know about her now, and those who know about her might not be on the web. She was a pop star starting out in the mid 80s and crossed paths with Hamid El Shari, the music producer and arranger who always seeks new talents to work with.

Thus, they have worked together on this slow song that fits the 80s, think Tom Cruise and Keven Bacon rocking to it on a bike. The song is about leaving the homeland and living away. 26 Years later another Yemeni comes to the scene by winning the Noble Peace Prize
حميد الشاعري -- سافرلبعيد -- بصوت الفنانة اليمنية جوري


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