Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Khaled Selim Shines A Light On His Classy Side

Abdelhalim Hafiz left us with an amazing legacy of romantic songs, the young Egyptians singer who died due to illness left all of sudden, but before he was gone, hundreds of songs and many movies featured him. The boy who dominated the charts, and sold concert halls, was a big deal in his time, but he is only a bigger deal now.

Many Arab sigers take up the challenge by doing covers of Abdel Halim songs, it's not an easy thing to do, and not all singers are able to pull it off. The latest to join the ranks of singers is Egyptian Khalid Selim.

Khaled has two sides, the side that sells albums where is hip, funky and enrgized. The other side is where he relaxes and takes a deep breath then amuse us with his cover and most of all his warm voice. You cannot really have the guts to stand in front of tends of musicians and not be able to perform Abdel Halim Hafiz songs in confidence.

I have included other videos for the same song, one by Amal Maher, a lady that gives every inch to her cover of the oldies. And the original by the man himself. Her's Mawood

Khaled Selim Maw3od /خالد سليم موعود

Mawood - Amal Maher موعود-حفلة - امال ماهر

Abdel Halim - Mawood عبد الحليم - موعود - كامل


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