Friday, March 16, 2012

Yes, There's A National Palestinian Orchestra

Orchestra love to tell stories, the better their story, the better their performance. The the Palestinians have a story to tell, and they will let music tell it on their behalf. I am certain, they do not have a fraction of the budget set for other national orchestras, but they still hang in their.

That's when you know the money is not the only factor, but dedication is. The world is the Palestinian stage. It's only two years old, but that does not mean that are not quite dazzling. I know there is also the Edward Said National Music Conservatory, a powerhouse in music in Jerusalem.

I am seeing a lot of faces, some of them are not even Palestinians or Arabs. Such musicians came from Spain, France, Beirut, Cairo and Damascus have turned out for this performances with the national orchestra. That's what make Palestine a global citizenship. They do kind of classical music, and some fusion of Eastern musican elements.

حفل الاوركسترا الوطنية الفلسطينية -شيء جميل جداً


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