Sunday, March 18, 2012

Aline Lahoud, The Biological Daughter of Salwa Katrib

That was big news to me to know that one of my favorite Lebanese gems in the music industry Salwa Qatrib has a gal and her gal is a raising star in the show biz. I am speaking of Ellen Lahoud, the pop star who has a rather unique and style in a colorful way.

Here's another cool thing about Aline, she also has gypsy roots, which frankly shows in her look. Ellen does sing in both Arabic and English. However as she is new to the business, she should not set herself to be the keeper of her mother's legacy. Aline does not own her mother's music rights or history. She owns the person and the memories. The sooner Ellen understands this, the better her chances of making it.

Few weeks ago, Aline commented on a remake for one of her Salama's song by Dina Hayek. Aline said, she did not like the version and then got distracted by arguing back and forth with Dina who seems like a cool lady most of the time. On good news, Aline will release a new pop song, "My Way" and she is starting on a theater adpation of a musical with the Ghodai Rahbany. Aline will also be starting in a TV drama where she is playing a rich girl who loses her family.

Aline brings a lot of energy into Lebanese pop, her methods and antics might be seen strange by few, but creative people often do not get offended by such labels.
Aline Lahoud - Quand Tout S'enfuit


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