Monday, March 19, 2012

Number one - Karim Gharbi Badyboy Rap

Tunisians are cool people when they put on their shirts, they are not often thought of as the badass of the Arabic world. So when a bunch of them go to LA and bring back a rap video about thugs, I am quite confused.

This is what Karim Gharbi has done with his Number one rap song. there's some Spanish influence, just in time when Arabs are trying to move up in the world comes this song to drag some people back to places where they are unwelcome. This is the work of a bunch of fobs.

Then the weird even gets weirder when the top composer in the Gulf area Fayez Al Said shows up! What the heck? French and muscle bikes doe snot mix. I do not like the person who did the English vocals.

Number one - Karim Gharbi نمره واحد - كريم الغربى


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