Monday, March 19, 2012

Soud Abu Sultan is BACK To Awesome!

It took him years to make his way back into mainstream Arabic music, but he just made it, and the man looks stunning and sounds better that he has ever did. This once popular Emirat singer with a warm yet manly voice. This man who was a horse jockey and a professorial trainer has a passion for the arts so did his father who was an artists and politician at the same time. Soud Sultan is a big name and a name that clicks well with most people.

A former participant on the 2003 Star Academy, he won the froth place. In 2004 he relased his first album. His latest album came in 2008, and he continues to make milestones with his music, and his collaboration with Lebanese and Gulf musicians.

The latest music video I see for him reveals that he is going for sexy, and an Indian gorgeous looking model is giving him some help with the dance.
Soud Abu Sultan


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