Thursday, June 13, 2013

Download: Ramy Sabry New album 2013 سيمبلات البوم رامى صبرى - وانا معاه

Ramadan is making is hard for artists to release summer albums, this year it's coming in July, next year it will be in June. Ramy Sabry is about to release his latest album, for a guy who does not make many albums, he makes good ones.

I like Ramy, but I am hoping his new album will deliver the good fun romance and dance tracks. He is a guy who know where and how to make a good beat, if he could not find it out there, he makes his own. Check out the promo track for his soon to be released album.

He has been blessed with a good voice, at times, he feels like a young Amer Diab, a very similar style and performance indeed. Other stars may try to mimic the Egyptian legend, I feel Ramy Sabry is a legend in progress.

01 - Wana M3ah
02 - Barta7
03 - Ahla Men El 2awel
04 - Beadt
05 - M3a Al Ayam
06 - Bets2al 3liya
07 - Law Kan 3lik
08 - Sadaa 3nek
09 - 2arbny Leek
10 - Nesiet

Promo Ramy Sabry New album 2013


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