Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Israeli Occupation Question Palestinian Songstress Reem Banna

She went to Syria on a trip with a group that was delivering humanitarian aid to Syria. They charged her with visiting an enemy state and and asked her not to travel there again. A number of media outlets have reported on this questioning. Keep on mind, Reem Banna has so many friends around the world, she is an ambassador to the world form Palestine. She is not a secret figure. The local Shabak office sent her a note (see photograph) and summoned her for questioning.

Reem Banna is a well-known Palestinian singer, composer, arranger and activist, who is most known for her modern interpretations of traditional Palestinian songs and poetry. Is native in Nazareth, where she graduated from Nazareth Baptist School. She currently lives in Nazareth with her three children.

Reem has posted more details on her meeting with the Shabak office on her Facebook page. Among the charges being a member of a terrorist group--something she denies. It's funny when the terrorists ask you if you belong to a rivaling terrorist group. She is an entertainer who sang about, love, peace, the country, and her mother. She has also dozens of songs about romance, I guess something occupation forces are unable to process.

She stood her ground, hear her speak about her questioning with the Israeli occupation forces, and I like what she has to say. I am not sure what was the purpose of the trip, but I know people from all over the world travel to Syria to transport aid and support to the people there. She has a concert in Amman this summer and she will be there

التحقيق مع الفنانة ريم بنا 

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