Monday, June 24, 2013

Video: Fadel Shaker Survivies And States "I Killed Two Lebanese Soldiers" #Lebanon

While he was surrounded in that famous mosque along with a number of armed men and their false prophet shikh Al Aseer, Fadel Shaker and his new buddies found time to film a video where they brag about how they hate the Lebanese army and Fadel adds, I killed two of them. He can be heard praying for their death and also calling them pigs. I do not think this is a conspiracy against Sunnis in Lebanon, as some have suggested. I think mental illness has no religion.

Fadel Shaker is looking sporty, and wearing a Nike. He is a native to Saida and his also come from Tripoli. You can hear a guy making threats that if anything happens to Fadel Shaker all hell will break loose. I get the feeling that I am looking at dead men. More than ever, the Lebanese folks are united behind their army against those violent and showy thugs. The date of this video remains unclear, it could have been filmed today or last week. It's worth mentioning that he is wanted for justice in Lebanese on charges of murder.

Can someone please example to me, what's going on on the mind of Fadel Shaker? Does he think he will get away with murder--by his own account? It now seems they might be headed to Syria for Jihad and the opposition forces stated, they won't host Sheikh Al Aseer. It really takes an idiot to star a war.

فضل شاكر يعترف بقتله جنديين في الجيش اللبناني... الله يلعنك يا فضل الخنزير

فضل شاكر يعترف بقتله جنديين من الجيش اللبناني


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