Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Watch: The Most Overlooked Mohammad Assaf Song #Palestine #منيب_المصري_لازق

Everyone has a favorite song, we all agree on a half dozen of his songs, we love his Palestine and Arab unity songs. He is good this way. But we may not feel the emotions or the energy a certain song any given artist. I find one of his most romantic performances was in a duet with the dazzling Syrian finalist Farah Yousef. We pretty much like every song he has touched, but some of them we may not want to play over and over again. This song is different.

In this song he showed the heartbroken character, the vulnerable young man who has been hurt. And Farah Yousef held into her ground. Assaf performed a well known song by Lebanese romance hit-maker Weal Kfoury. He shined in this song and showed some real acting chops. Farah performed a Nancy Ajram hit. The fusion was spectacular.

These is so ,much energy and better yet the couple have chemistry and sold this fusion song very well.

Arab Idol - النتائج - فرح يوسف و محمد عساف

Arab Idol - S2 - Ep26 / حلقة النتائج - محمد عساف - بيحن | فرح يوسف - انت ايه

محمد عساف - Arab Idol 2


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